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VOOZ CEO Portrait Shooting – CEO Portrait Photographer Korea

CEO Portrait Photographer Korea
VOOZ CEO portrait
CEO Portrait Photographer Korea
VOOZ CEO portrait

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The VOOZ is a popular cartoon company in the world!

I watched his cartoon movie after I got a portrait assignment from Bauer Media
And I was trying to mix up the cartoon character to his portrait.
The main character PUCCA’s father is the owner of the Chinese restaurant
And He was kept talking about “Jajangmyeon”(black-bean-sauce noodles) at the cartoon.
Actually, CEO You-Kyoung Kim is the father of PUCCA

The concept idea started from there.

I made a few sketches for the conference.
The photo editor was very interested about Jajangmyeon concept.
So I planned to shoot Jajangmyeon concept on location.

Actually CEO or any high-ranking people’s allowed just few minutes to photo shoot.
Yeah this case was too.
But in this case the big Octa(120cm firefly XL) was a big help.
Cause Its take just one minute to set up!
Of course its give me enough soft light to the subject.

So please check out bellow lighting diagram and BTS video for it!

Korea photographer Magazine Light Setup

CEO Portrait Photographer Korea


Manchul Kim

Korea photographer Manchul Kim

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